Rocket League doubles its prize pool to $1 million for Season 6

Nice moves, everybody dance!

Competitive Rocket League was at its all-time best at the end of Season 5’s RLCS in June. The deciding game of the Grand Finals saw Team Dignitas score the go-ahead goal with four seconds left. Then, NRG somehow managed to keep the ball alive with no time on the clock, and that resulted in Jstn nailing the best shot in RLCS history to force overtime. It was absolutely incredible. Here’s the video that shows all the drama in rapid succession.

Rocket League esports ended last season on a high note, and it’s beginning next season on a different high note. Psyonix has announced that the Season 6 RLCS prize pool will be raised to $1 million. That’s double the amount that was up for grabs in Season 5.

This doesn’t mean the winning organization takes home the whole one mil. The prize pool will see different payouts for various finishes. For instance, $109,000 was set aside for both North America and Europe last season, with each team getting an amount based on how they did in regionals. Likewise, $250,000 was reserved for the actual RLCS LAN tournament, with the winning team getting $100,000. It stands to reason that the payment structure will be the same for Season 6, but with each amount doubled.

Rocket League is certainly growing as a mainstream esport, so it’s appropriate that the prize pool is increasing. Some players have been indirectly funding the esports purse through crate purchases (essentially microtransaction-fueled loot boxes for cosmetic items). Psyonix has said that a portion of crate revenue goes toward esports, but it has never really inferred or hinted at how much is reallocated. While we still don’t know, it’s obviously enough for Psyonix to keep upping the prize pool. That $1 million starts getting divvied up when Season 6 league play begins on September 8.

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