Rocket League does DLC right

Some free, some paid

Has Rocket League infiltrated your dreams yet? Give it time. It’ll happen.

Patrick showed us the upcoming Utopia Coliseum, but developer Psyonix has more in store for early August. A free update will add that arena plus Spectator Mode, updated Goal explosions and Demolitions, 70+ country flags, and the song “Firework” by Hollywood Principle. Free is good.

There’s also paid content coming up. The Supersonic Fury DLC ($3.99) unleashes the American muscle car Dominus and the slick Japanese street racer Takumi, six decals for each, and new customization options (rocket boosts, wheels, paint types) for the full vehicle lineup.

I bet some folks will pay for this just to reward Psyonix for making such a compelling game. Reminder: Rocket League is free on PS4 with PlayStation Plus until August 4, 2015.

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Jordan Devore
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