Rock the vote for Bad Company maps

If you’re part of the gamer demographic that would like to vote for a national election, but can’t, EA has a brilliant opportunity for you. Starting today, Electronic Arts and DICE are hosting a fan vote to determine which two campaign levels in Battlefield: Bad Company will be turned into multiplayer levels. The voting ends September 2nd and access to the vote can be found here.

In addition to the two user picked maps, EA will also have two additional maps to tack on once the choices are made. These maps will be for the recently added Conquest mode and are going to be offered as free content.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what “free” means to EA. If it’s “sign this to get spammed” then I’m already out before it begins. Luckily, Bad Company isn’t the greatest game to touch this Earth, so I don’t know if I’ll be missing that much.

Brad BradNicholson