Rock out with your turkey out during Thanksgiving weekend, win Guitar Hero swag

If you’re planning on spending Thanksgiving getting stuffed and pressing those colored buttons on your plastic instruments all day long, why not win stuff in the process?

Activision has announced a slew of Guitar Hero World Tour-related events for Xbox 360 players which are set to take place next weekend:

  • Xbox All Nighter – Thursday, 11/27, from dusk until dawn
  • Play & Win Sweepstakes – Friday, 11/28, through Saturday, 11/30
  • Game with Developers – Saturday, 11/30 from 2:00 – 5:00pm PST

The prizes for the sweepstakes range from a Samsung HD set to portable Guitar Hero speakers, and you will need to register at an undisclosed location (, presumably) in addition to playing co-op on Xbox LIVE for a chance to win.

Is your mind set on whooping the World Tour developers? Then hit the jump for their gamertags. Seriously, do it for great justice.

The tags for the dev team are as follows:

  • GHDevTina – Producer
  • GHDevLee – Associate Producer
  • GHDevCorey – Production Coordinator
  • GHDevAnthony – Midi Designer
  • GHDevChris – Midi Designer
  • GHDevJason – Lead Animator
  • GHDevZack – Junior Programmer
  • GHDevJosh – Jr. Sound Designer
  • GHDevKristina – Mocap Supervisor
  • GHDevJustin – Mocap Tech
  • GHDevAdry – QA Tester
  • GHDevBrandon – QA Tester
  • GHDevTravisR – QA Tester
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