Rock out in Seattle at Pinkapalooza

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Discovering the Pink Godzilla store in Seattle during PAX almost resulted in an orgasmic version of my death. Being the game and toy obsessee that I am, the sheer selection of awesomeness they have avaliable put me in a state of paralysed bliss, which thankfully wore off after ten minutes or so. After recovering, I managed to buy some things and lick the Super Famicom selection a little.

If you live in Seattle, there is an event hosted by Pink Godzilla tonight that you shouldn’t miss. Pinkapalooza is a Rock Band themed charity event being hosted at the Nectar Lounge in Seattle’s Fremont District tonight. The show is from 8pm-12 midnight and the suggested donation at the door is 10 bucks, which snags you two raffle tickets (you can buy extra tickets for $5 a pop.) Possible goodies to win include a Wii and Super Mario Galaxy, a 360 Rock Band set, and an assortment of 360 titles such as Blue Dragon and Halo 3.

Seattle 8-Bit artist Leeni will also be there blasting your brain with blips in between Battle of the Band challenges in Rock Band. I am extremely jealous that I am on the opposite side of the US right now as this sounds like a fantastic time, but if you go please rub yourself on the owners for me. Feel free to tell them it’s from Colette at Destructoid so they don’t call the cops on you.

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