Rock on robots

Thanks to the kindness of Destructoid, I have joined a team. Me! Part of the gang! Wow! Time to get my robot rock on. Hence the pic. That’s me in my backyard. Rocking on.

So, just a few tidbits for you Dtoids — I’m a female gameblogger working in L.A., using my secret powers to their utmost to make a real job out of professional dorkery. I started blogging in 2000, about nothing in particular. In 2006, I decided it was time to make a special place to blog about games and save my non-geek readers the misery of slogging through yet another post about the delights of playing Final Fantasy 7 through for the 13th time, and Blow in the Game Slot was born. That’s where I’ve been ever since, freelancing occasionally for other Web sites and ranting to my heart’s content.

Let the posting begin!

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