Rock n’ roll gives birth to zombies in Dead Block

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about a new zombie game. Has it been long enough that I’m in the clear to tell you about Dead Block, an upcoming zombie defense game for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade? You’re not going to tell me in the comments that you’re “sick of zombie games” or anything, right?

Set in the 1950s with what appears to be a “zany” cast of characters, Dead Block looks to have up to three players holing up and fending off undead hordes. Undead hordes that were apparently risen from the grave by way of the power of the new menace, rock n’ roll. (Your parents were right!) You’ll board up windows and set traps to keep them back, but if they break through, you’ll get to beat on their zombie faces with various weapons.

Dead Block is out July 6 for Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MS Points, and July 20 for PlayStation Network for $9.99.

Nick Chester