Rock it out with your Miis in Guitar Hero: World Tour


If you are, indeed, adequately prepared to indulge in some rocked rolling, then you might be interested to know that the Wii version of Guitar Hero: World Rock Band CopyPasta will include a console-specific mode known as Mii Freestyle. 

Mii Freestyle is exactly what you’d expect — it’s the entire advertised premise of Wii Music, but represented within the fraction of one full, probably better, game. It’s designed with that oh-so precious “casual gamer” in mind, the one apparently too afraid of buttons and complicated Simon Says-style color matching to tackle the full game without being “eased in” by this new mode, where players have “the freedom to play what they want, when they want.”

You can also use the Wiimote and Nunchuck to airdrum and look as a big a prat as that Ravi fellow did. Makes me wonder exactly why we need Wii Music, apart from the fact that it’ll sell 100,000,000,000 copies. Actually, that’s a pretty damn good reason.

No word yet on whether a similar premise might be adopted for Microsoft’s Avatars, but I’ll just say that if there’s no Sackboy Shindig for the PS3 I’ll kick RedOctane’s windows in.

James Stephanie Sterling