Rock Howard makes his mark on King of Fighters XIV

Holy [expletive]

I’m not really sure how, but SNK has really impressed with each of their DLC character announcements. While some folks (like myself) might have wanted Baenessa Vanessa, Whip, and Yamazaki in the base roster, it’s been so good to see them confirmed now especially with these great intro trailers. Though I’m sure no one expected an outsider would join the fray. 

Rock Howard, Geese Howard’s biological son and Terry Bogard’s adopted son from Garou: Mark of the Wolves (of the Fatal Fury series), makes his first appearance in the King of Fighters series proper. Just watching this trailer makes it seem like he’s been a part of the series all along. I can’t wait to counter everything. 

There’s also a promise from the development team that Rock won’t be as “low-tier” as he was in Garou. Also great news? All four of the announced DLC characters will be available April 5th. The new stages and background music will also be available for free to everyone too. 

Now I just want a full SNK fighter in this engine. 

[via PlayStation Blog]

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