Rock dudes like Cap America: MUA 2 demo hits LIVE

Those of you interested in chuck a star-adorned shield at uninspired enemies in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 take note: the demo for the follow-up is now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, according to Microsoft’s LIVE wizard Major Nelson.

As the first poster on the Major’s blog pointed out, this demo is a bit late. The brawler made its debut in middle September. It was met by decent reviews, but I, for one, wasn’t able to dig what MUA 2 brought to the table. The mechanics were stable, but it did nothing more than its predecessor tried to do long ago. It feels dated and looks dated. Plus, the narrative elements introduced leave much to be desired.

On the up side, Captain America can f’ing roll in the game. He’s able to deliver punishment to mercenaries just as fast and violently as The Hulk or whatever can.

So, right, the demo: it’s out. Any of you going to grab it?

Brad BradNicholson