Rock Band Network to include most Rock Band 3 features

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The upcoming Rock Band 3 adds a significant number of new features to music gaming, with the addition of “pro” modes and harmonies probably being the biggest selling points. When these features were first announced, fans wondered how that would affect the public song authoring toolset and program known as Rock Band Network. Would potential authors be able to include these features into their tracks? Just how many more hundreds of hours will be required here, and why am I asking so many questions?

Well, wonder no more — Harmonix has announced the details of what it’s calling Rock Band Network 2.0. There are hairy details and specifics, but here’s what you want to know: pro drums are in, both keyboard and pro keyboards are in, and authors can include vocal harmonies, as well.

Pro guitars, however, won’t make the cut. The reasoning is simple — the amount of work placed on not only the author but the peer review process would clog up the Rock Band Network pipeline. Bottom line, it’s just not worth it… for now. Harmonix says they’ll revisit the decision over the next year, so we could see a change in the near future.

This is good news for both folks who want more music in their Rock Band and the guys and gals who bust their asses authoring music for the Rock Band Network. If you fall into the latter category, you probably are already well aware of the details, but RockBandAide has the specifics.

Rock Band Network 2.0 Announced [RockBandAide]

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