Rock Band finally comes to Australia

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You know how Rock Band 2 is your new favorite thing to play, and how much fun it is to invite friends over and rock out to all the new songs? Let me present an alternate scenario — imagine if your friends overseas had had it for months, and you had to sit on your hands in America and wish you knew what it was like. Feel glum now? Now you know how Australia’s been feeling since the game’s release — it’s never been available there.

Perhaps Activision’s recent announcement that Guitar Hero World Tour would be released in multiple territories lit a fire under EA’s ass, because they have announced that Rock Band (the original game — no word of when the sequel will come out yet) will finally come to the land down under on November 7th. Here’s the skinny on prices from Gamespot:

The product will be sold in multiple configurations with hardware only bundles on all platforms–consisting of one guitar, microphone, and drum kit–carrying an RRP of A$199.99 ($166.47), the hardware bundle including software will cost A$249.99 ($208.23), and standalone drum kits and guitars will retail for A$129.99 ($108.30) and A$89.99 ($74.99) respectively.

Now maybe I can finally rock out with Destructoid’s own Aussie import, the lovely FooLiz. As long as one of us doesn’t mind playing in the middle of the night to make up for the time difference, that is.

[Thanks, Joe]

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