Rock Band DLC: You wanted more Queen songs, right?

Harmonix and MTV Games must think you really like Queen, because even more music from the British rock giants is coming to Rock Band next week.

It’s actually two massive packs — the “Queen Extravaganza Pack 01” and the “Queen Rock Band 3 Enhanced Pack.” Details on the packs and songs (nearly all of which support Pro Guitar/Bass) can be found below.

Queen Extravaganza Pack 01

  • “Hammer to Fall” X
  • “Keep Yourself Alive” X
  • “Now I’m Here” X
  • “Play the Game” X
  • “Tenement Funster” X
  • “We Are the Champions” (RB3 version)
  • “We Will Rock You” (RB3 version)

Queen RB3 Enhanced Pack

  • “I Want It All” (RB3 version) X
  • “I Want To Break Free” (RB3 version) X
  • “Killer Queen” (RB3 version) X
  • “One Vision” (RB3 version) X
  • “Somebody To Love” (RB3 version) X
  • “Under Pressure” (RB3 version) X

You can get each track for $1.99/160 MS Points/200 Wii Points, or get ’em in bundles — $9.99/800 MS Points/1000 Wii Points for the “Enhanced” and $10.99/880 MS Points/1,1000 for the “Extravaganza.”

Those “X” marks next to tracks mean there’s a Pro Guitar/Bass upgrade available; that’ll run you an additional $0.99/80 MS Points/100 Wii Points if you’re looking to do your best Brian May or John Deacon impressions.


Nick Chester