Rock Band DLC: Seriously, ‘Hammer Smashed Face’ OMG (update)

Okay, so since the release of the first Guitar Hero back in 2005, I’ve been saying, “Can we get some Cannibal Corpse up in this piece? Specifically, ‘Hammer Smashed Face’?” I said it mostly joking, because — and let’s be serious — that’s never going to happen, right?

Well, it’s happening. Next week, you can download and play Cannibal Corpse’s classic tune in Rock Band, and frighten your neighbors by growling the lyrics “Eyes bulging from their sockets/With every swing of my mallet/I smash your f**king head in, until brains seep in.”

“Mayhem Pack” ($13.49/1080 MS Points, or $1.99/160 MS Points per track)

Behemoth – “Conquer All”
Black Dahlia Murder – “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse”
Cannibal Corpse – “Hammer Smashed Face”
God Forbid – “Empire of the Gun”
Job for a Cowboy – “Embedded”
Marilyn Manson – “Disposable Teens”
Slayer – “Black Magic”
Whitechapel – “This is Exile”

Seriously. This is happening. Oh yeah, and that previously announced Green Day Pack ($5.49/440 MS Points, or $1.99/160 MS per track) is also coming out. But I think after you run through the “Mayhem Pack,” you and the entire party will be, like, totally spent.

[Update: The article originally said that the Mayhem Pack would be set at the standard three-pack price of $5.49. That’s incorrect — the eight-song pack will actually cost $13.49 (1080 MS Points). Sorry!]

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