Rock Band DLC: Pat Benatar track pack

I almost went with “Love is a Battlefield” for this, but the music video for “We Belong” was too nonsensical for me to resist.

When the six-track Pat Benatar Pack 01 goes live on February 22 for Xbox 360 and PlaySation 3 (Europe gets it on PS3 a day later), it’ll include the following songs:

  • “Fire and Ice”
  • “Love is a Battlefield”
  • “Shadows of the Night”
  • “We Belong” (Pro Guitar and Pro Bass for $0.99 more)
  • “Invincible”
  • “Promises in the Dark”

Bless the people responsible for letting us mark ourselves as “offline” when we play games with an online-enabled account that friends have easy access to.

Jordan Devore
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