Rock Band DLC: Ozzy spews from the mouth of hell

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Remember when Ozzy Osbourne appeared as a Muppet in Guitar Hero World Tour and performed “Crazy Train” in front of a massive Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket? That was hilarious.

Well, now he’s all up in your Rock Band with the “Ozzy Osbourne 8-pack” that hits next week.

  • “Bark at the Moon” X (available only as part of the 8-pack)
  • “Diary of a Madman”
  • “Flying High Again”
  • “I Don’t Know”
  • “Mama, I’m Coming Home” X (available only as part of the 8-pack)
  • “Mr. Crowley” X
  • “Over the Mountain”
  • “Steal Away (The Night)”

The full pack will run you $13.49/1080 MS Points/1350 Wii Points. You can buy most of the songs individually for $1.99/160 MS Points/200 Wii Points a piece. “Bark at the Moon” and “Mama, I’m Coming Home” are exclusive to the 8-pack for some reasons I don’t care enough to investigate. But that sucks for if those are the only songs you’re interested in.

Tracks above marked with an “X” are eligible for a “Pro Guitar/Bass” upgrade, for those of you sick of hearing “play a real guitar, geek.” Bust out the opening riff to “Bark at the Moon” and melt some faces; that’ll show ’em.

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