Rock Band DLC: Anvil, Dinosaur Jr., Tenacious D

If you like your lead vocalists to have nicknames like “Lips,” then this is the week for you. Three tracks from legendary metal band Anvil will hit the Rock Band Music Store, making what also joins them — songs by Dinosaur Jr., The Guess Who, and Tenacious D — look less brutal in the process. 

Anvil – “666”
Anvil – “Metal on Metal”
Anvil – “This is Thirteen”

Dinosaur Jr. – “Pick Me Up”
Dinosaur Jr. – “The Wagon”

The Guess Who – “Hand Me Down World”
The Guess Who – “No Time”

Tenacious D – “Rock Your Socks”
Tenacious D – “Tribute”

You can pick up the tracks for $1.99 (160 MS Points) a piece; the three Anvil songs can be purchased in a bundle for $5.49 (440 MS Points). Also, good news for Wii owners — you’re getting this stuff along with everyone else! Each song will run you 200 Wii Points. 

Details on next week’s Rock Band Unplugged content is after the jump. Check it out, and then let us know what (if anything) you’re buying next week. 

Tracks available for Rock Band Unplugged (September 17,  $1.99 per song)             

  • Evanescense – “Bring Me To Life”
  • Spinal Tap – “Back From the Dead”
Nick Chester