Rock Band delivery truck hijacked by thieves ready to rock

Christmas is apparently becoming the season for taking, rather than the other way around. In further theft news, in Los Angeles a group of robbers hijacked a truck carrying 1,000 Rock Band bundles and held the driver at gunpoint until they unloaded the contents of the truck. He was let go unharmed after the holdup. The total worth of the truck’s contents was about $170,000.

Apparently cargo theft is as common in LA as smog, but it happens more often from the Port Authority system than in hijacking of actual vehicles. The thieves could get life sentences if caught, according to Paul Sandhu, president of the targeted truck company. The LAPD asks that if you have any information to report in regards to this hijacking to please contact the Los Angeles Cargo Criminal Apprehension Team.

Looks like you’ll need to take great care not to end up buying a stolen copy of Rock Band if you go through sources other than retail. Beware eBay, which is merely comprised of foreigners requiring your first born child in lieu of shipping fees and massively overpriced Wiis anyway.

[Via Wired – Thanks Justin!]

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