Rock Band community site will be better today than it was yesterday

An email hit my inbox this evening informing me that the new community site was live, and that a slew of new features were available to me. Well, at the time of this writing, that’s a total lie — the site is still displaying a “Coming Soon” message, but we have no doubt it’ll be up and running shortly.

What can we expect? From the “liar liar, pants on fire” e-mail:

 * Link your account to your Xbox Live gamertag or Playstation Network id to share your characters, bands, and high scores with your friends.

 * Compare your high scores with the Rock Band community on the brand new Leaderboards!

 * Make friends, write a blog, and post your pictures on your own personal page!

 * Last but not least, the community forums that you’ve come to know and love return in all of their glory, with all of your posts intact!

Sounds like a pretty hefty set of much-needed new features; I particularly like the fact that we’ll finally be able to share characters and bands with our friends. I look forward to being able to show the world the Topher Cantler-designed “Unicorn Death Foetus” logo.

What features are you most looking forward to, and are there any particularly embarassing created rockers you’d like to delete before your secret is out?

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