Rock Band 4 pre-orders are up, and the bundle will cost a pretty penny

And 24,998 more pretty pennies

Harmonix’s Rock Band was a significant investment last generation. The barrier to entry for a proper full band experience meant buying a drum set, two guitars (if you didn’t have any from Guitar Hero) a microphone, and the game itself. Rock god status doesn’t come cheap.

This time around, it’ll be even more expensive. If early pre-order listings prove accurate, the Rock Band 4 bundle will cost $249.99. The bundle packages the game, the drum kit, a mic, and one guitar together. An extra guitar peripheral will likely be available a la carte for those who don’t want their bassist to feel left out.

By comparison, Rock Band‘s original bundle ran $169.99; Rock Band 2 was $189.99.

[Update: Harmonix has added that pre-orders got 30 bonus songs. That sweetens the pot a bit.]

[Update 2: Those that pre-order either bundle on Amazon also get four extra exclusive songs: 

Alabama Shakes “Don’t Wanna Fight”
Breaking Benjamin “Failure” 
Death From Above 1979 “Trainwreck 1979”
The Pretty Reckless “Follow Me Down.” ]

Rock Band 4 bundle [Amazon]

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