Rock Band 4 celebrates its third birthday with track skins

27 at launch, more coming later

Rock Band 4 released three years ago as of October 6, and Harmonix is celebrating in style by adding some new style.

Today, there’s an update that introduces track skins — a little quality of life thing that switches up the visuals while you stare at the continuous onslaught of notes. Previously, Rock Band 4 had a black(ish) note highway with some light design work. Now, players will be able to pick from a bunch of different options to semi-customize the look of their track. This GIF shows what some of them look like:

Harmonix says that 27 tracks skins will be available today, but more will be released in the future. The update is scheduled to go live at 12pm Pacific. Here’s the full list of changes with today’s three-year anniversary patch:

  • Selectable Track Skins — Customize your note highway with new (and old!) visuals to spice up your play sessions 
  • Scoring issues for vocalists fixed — Overdrive earning fixed, Multiplier building fixed, Final phrase counting for 0 points fixed
  • Challenge Songs preference in Green Rooms now forces song selection to Challenge songs only 
  • Reorganized Main Menu 
  • More background music added to game menus 
  • Song Length now visible in song library 
  • Drummer issues fixed — Snare/crash combo no longer breaks combo for Lefty Pro Drums, Drum track rails now glow during drum solos 
  • Game performance improved — Crashes fixed, Menus and other selections react faster
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