Rock Band 3 has a Sterling reputation

I’d been tipped off several months ago that the folk at Harmonix had slipped a reference to myself into Rock Band 3, for whatever bizarre reason. I thought that was pretty cool, but didn’t hear anything else from Harmonix after that, so I assumed it never happened. 

Then I am informed that there is a monocle accessory in the game called the “Sterling Reputation”, and I kind of piss my knickers. 

Despite not being a major player of plastic instrument music games (because I suck at them), it’s something of an honor to think that I’d be namechecked in such a huge game, especially with a retro callback to the days where I’d actually wear a douchebag monocle (this was before the douchebag aviators). 

So yeah, I suppose I better go and buy this now.

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