Rock Band 2 figures of your in-game avatars coming soon

I have to admit I experienced definite jealousy when I saw that you could have your World of Warcraft character made into a figure. I would probably prefer to play E.T. on Atari for three days straight than grind my way through one day of WoW, but I would have loved to have had a character made from other MMOs I played in the past.

Z Corporation are going to take on the task of creating your Rock Band 2 avatars into physical reality. For $75, you get a six inch figure of your character in any custom outfit you may have outfitted he or she with. According to ZCorp’s Vice President of business development, Scott Harmon, their company is the only one that can handle printing color. As he says, “You can’t do it without our technology.”

There’s no release date specified for the figures at this time, but Harmon says the goal is to ship all orders in under a month. I can see this doing well, especially for those faithful daily Rock Band gamers (but then again, I write about pricey toys every day, so this isn’t exactly a stretch).

[Via Wired — Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett