Rock Band 2 exists, survey reveals cover art and non-info

Despite potential for a never-ending torrent of downloadable content keeping it alive for years, a sequel to last year’s Rock Band was invevitable. Harmonix or MTV Games have yet to confirm its existence, but these two scans of the game’s potential cover art do a decent job for them. 

Obtained by Joystiq from a reader who was part of a Listen Research survey, the cover art was presented to participants who were asked to choose which one best fit with the game’s description. From the survey: 

“Rock Band 2 lets you and your friends play as a virtual 4-person band, in person or online, to rock out to some of the biggest rock anthems from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Rock Band 2 will be a full featured sequel, similar to full featured sequels you see released by other big video game franchises, such as Need for Speed, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, or Halo. In the music/rhythm genre, it is similar to the feature jumps made from Guitar Hero I to Guitar Hero II or Guitar Hero II to Guitar Hero III.”

OK, so it’s a sequel … to Rock Band. Alright then. Sounds good. The question remains, of course, what would you like Harmonix/MTV Games to deliver in a sequel to a game which, at its core, is already spot on? Now that you’ve seen what Activision will be delivering with their next Guitar Hero (full band, music creator, buffed up “career” mode), are there any features you’re just dying to see come to Rock Band?

Nick Chester