Rock Band 2 commercial gives first glimpse of optional drum cymbal add-ons

Hey look! A commercial for the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 2, which will surprisingly be released this coming Sunday, September 14!
No big deal, really; it’s your typical videogame commercial, showing little, or in this case, no footage of the game in question. But something about it caught my eye — the Rock Band drum kit that is being played has cymbals! Yup, it looks like this might be the first glimpse we’re seeing of the optional Mad Catz-produced cymbals that can be attached to the upcoming Rock Band 2 drum kit. 
They look pretty sturdy, with some heavy-duty-looking clips connecting them to the set themselves. Also, they’re round, like, you know … traditional cymbals. That’s not a knock on other kits that have cymbals, though — we’ll let them fight it out themselves. I’m just making an observation, is all.
There’s been no official word on pricing (or an official reveal, beyond this), but GameStop is listing a “Universal Rock Band 2 Cymbal – 2 Pack” for $29.99 with a late September release. It should be noted that the Rock Band 2 drum kit supports up to three cymbals; it also has another jack that is not for a second bass pedal, despite earlier reports. (No, we have no idea what it’s for, though.)
Look for our full Rock Band 2 review (along with impressions of the redesigned instruments, but not these fancy cymbals) on September 14.
Nick Chester