Robotube #5: sit back and learn about Game & Watch

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If I were looking to bump my street cred, now would be a good time to do so. Ostensibly, this post should be about introducing you to the fifth of Robotube’s Bit Museum videos, a fascinating and charming look at Nintendo’s Game & Watch line of handhelds. But I could use this opportunity to spout off about how I’ve forgotten way more about videogame history than that shlub Jason Cirillo will ever know.

But, let’s be real. I was born in 1987 — Game & Watch was old news before my parents even met.

So, for all things retro, let me send you towards Robotube Games, a small indie company that makes games for iPod Touch and WiiWare who recently stole the spotlight by collaborating with Gaijin Games to make Bit.Tonik during this year’s Blipfest.

Anyway, back to me not knowing d*ck about the Game & Watch: it was a pretty interesting line of games in its own right, but seeing how Gunpei Yokoi’s ideas have proliferated — on literally every console Nintendo has ever made — is downright cool.

I’m most of you guys are either bored at work or snowed in or a nasty combination of both, so take some time to poke around Jason’s Vimeo channel — you’ll see all the past Bit Museum episodes, as well as the Peek Poke series. Jason’s a good host — hell, he’s more a curator of awesome things — and you might actually learn something.

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