Robot Unicorn Attack hits Android tomorrow

The ever-popular Robot Unicorn Attack is finally making its way to Android devices tomorrow, and it will herald the eventual availability of a dedicated Adult Swim App, which is planned for May. 

Robot Unicorn is a “runner” style game, originally available for free online. It gained a cult following due to its ludicrous premise, and the backing music, which hilariously happens to be Erasure’s “Always.” There are Metal and Christmas spin-offs, and they’ll come to Android if the original sells well enough. 

The free Adult Swim App allows access to some of the channel’s biggest shows, including Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Venture Bros. It’s already surpassed a million downloads on iOS, and will probably do just as well on Android. 

Things on Android devices are happening. Rejoice!

Robot Unicorn Attack on Android tomorrow, Adult Swim app in May [Joystiq]

Jim Sterling