Robot spies? Sign me up: Capcom trademarks ‘Spyborgs’

There have been videogames where you play as a robot, and there have been videogames where you have played as a spy. But are you prepared for the universe-folding excitement of robots that — are you sitting down? — are also spies? Capcom thinks you just may be. 

Trademark scout extraordinaire Mork has uncovered Capcom Entertainment’s filing to protect the trademark for ‘Spyborgs.’ Entered on April 7, the filing covers the usual — computer game software, cartridges, mobile telephone tones, animated cartoons, etc. Mork also found that Capcom also registered the domain last March, but the Web site is currently displaying the Network Solutions’ “under construction page.” Pretty disappointing for anyone looking for a Web site containing information about either spies or cyborgs. 

Perhaps Capcom will reveal all at their media day this May. Until then, I urge you to post any “Spyborg” related Photoshop pieces in the comments.

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