Roboblitz revolutionizes game texture code

You want to get your company’s game on Xbox Live, but there’s a 50MB limit to the games they accept and your 527MB game just ain’t gonna cut it? Well it’s a good thing Sebastian DeGuy, coder of Xbox Live game Roboblitz, is claiming to change how game industry games are coded all together.

The makers of the Xbox Live game Roboblitz have a new way of producing game textures that they think will revolutionize gaming. Basically, instead of using built in procedural textures, games use textures that the game teams make themselves ,and put them on the game discs since current code algorithms don’t like procedural textures too much. Well Sebastian DeGuy has used his wits to write up different algorithms that easily allow those procedural textures to be used for in game 3D texturing jobs.

Roboblitz was originally about 527MB in size, but after using this new texturing code that only takes up 3MB of space, their team was able to trash the original 480MB of textures all together. Pretty damn impressive. Hopefully that means we won’t have to wait for more John Carmack genius, or a PS4 that can handle every bump, parallax, and normal map you can throw at it. With a little luck, and a lot more genius, we could be seeing  next gen 3D games on our cell phones soon.

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