Roadhog and Winston just got tweaks in Overwatch along with Bastion

New changes in the Bastion patch

Blizzard shared some patch notes three days ago in what I’m referring to as the “Bastion patch.” Currently in PTR, the update adds CTF to the mix, as well as a server browser. In terms of hero changes the big alterations involve Bastion, who got a rework for both of his configurations, as well as Mercy, who got a big buff for her ultimate (she’s invincible temporarily after casting it, as are the teammates who were resurrected).

But Blizzard has a few more changes planned for Roadhog and Winston. The former will see a 20% spread decrease for his Scrap Gun, buffing it, while his hook now pulls people to a location slightly farther away from him (3.5 meters instead of two), and the cooldown has been increased by two seconds. Winston’s critical hit volume has been reduced by 15%, a small change that should “bring him more in line” with other characters.

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