River City Ransom: Underground story mode done, dev working on Wrestling and Zombie games

But no Wrestling Zombies games. Yet.

When it rains in River City, it pours, and it’s looking like 2016 might be a rainy year for the splintered-but-whole game franchise. Not only is the 3DS getting River City: Tokyo Rumble later this year, but it’s looking like River City Ransom: Underground is heading into the home stretch as well. The game’s co-creator just announced on Twitter that development of the game’s story mode is content complete, with only balancing and bug squashing left to go. 

While releasing two games in the same calendar year might be a misstep for other game franchises. it makes sense for River City, as these two titles are totally different in most of the ways that matter. The 3DS game is a partial re-imagining of the NES title River City Ransom, and was released in Japan years ago, where the River City Ransom: Underground is an entirely new adventure, packed with tons of new characters, animationsn, and gameplay mechanics, which takes place years after the original 8-bit game.

Underground has taken longer to complete than developer Bannon Rudis initially envisioned, which has required him to take on some freelance work in the interim. While I would have loved for Underground to be done by now, I certainly don’t mind that Rudis has had reason to make even more awesome looking videogames. The upcoming zombie title he’s working on features a Sheriff (seen above) who may look might familiar to fans of the hit horror film Love Actually, as well as a man who looks a lot like my favorite Night of the Living Dead character

Wrestle Wrun, his upcoming wrestling game, also dares to step up to the line where parody ends and copyright infringement begins, featuring characters like Voo Dude and Hurk Holdem. As long as the game doesn’t include anything that even remotely resembles black-and-white video of Hurk Holdem porking a pal on a canopy bed, they’ll probably be OK, right? 

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