River City Ransom: Underground live action film has a heck of an Abobo

At first I thought that was my old pal Bob Sapp

After a bout of silence, River City Ransom: Underground is making a lot of noise lately, with character profile videos for new fighters dropping about once a week for the past month. The two most recent profiles, for Rudy and Wes, both hinted at something bigger in the works. That bigger thing turned out to be a live action film, directed by and starring River City Ransom: Underground artist Bannon Rudis, and featuring a positively lovely Bob Sapp look-a-like as Abobo. It’s something they shot in their spare time, just for the heck of it, and I for one am glad that they did. That “batter butter” line is a new American classic. 

Fun Fact ~ Bannon has been working as an actor in LA for years, oftentimes with tablet in hand, creating art for River City Ransom: Underground while he waits between takes. Eagle-eyed fans can find him in the background of such hits as Community and Westworld, though of all the shows he’s been on, he had the most time to work on his game while on the set of CSI Cyber

I really hope this leads to a Technos Fighting World meets CSI crossover, with David Caruso investigating the kidnapping of a middle-aged Marion, as played by screen legend Alyssa Milano.  The scene where they crack open Marion’s phone to see who she’s been cyber sexting is sure to score them an Emmy.

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