River City Ransom: Underground is fierce upon wake up

Not the Bruno that you know

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Confused about which River City game is which? Here’s a quick rundown. River City Ransom: Underground was kickstarted in 2013, and while the game is content complete, it has not yet been released. Meanwhile, River City: Tokyo Rumble, a 3DS port of the sequel to the original River City Ransom, was released in Japan in 2013. Aksys localized it a few months ago, and it received a warm reception. 

The two games may look similar, but their resemblance is only skin deep. I enjoyed River City: Tokyo Rumble, but it’s undeniably bare bones. The graphics and combat system were largely recycled from past games, and the lack of online multi-player is a huge limitation. 

River City Ransom: Underground promises to be a whole other story. In just under a minute, this teaser trailer has already shown off more new art and fighting mechanics than the entirety of Tokyo Rumble. The game’s developers have also confirmed that River City Ransom: Underground‘s online competitive and co-operative modes are already running smoothly.

Chances are we’ll be seeing a lot more of the game in coming months as the developers prepare it for launch. I wonder if the naked butts will be back?

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