River City Ransom: Underground has a breakdancing body-juggler

I wonder if she knows Jean Claude Van Damme

Provie, a break dancing phenomenon from the mean streets of River City, is the latest character to take the spotlight in this series of character profiles. Anyone who has watched Breakin’ or its electric boogaloo sequel will recognize where she got some of her moves. Some have wrongfully assumed that she’s a Capoeira fighter, which is fair. Some of the fundamentals of Breakdancing were drawn from the techniques of Capoeira floor work, so it’s easy to mix the two up. 

Less hard to identify is the old “I launched a person into the air and then jumped in the air and hit them some more.” technique that’s been the hallmark of the fighting game genre for more than 20 years, so anyone worried that River City Ransom: Underground will lack depth because it’s “just another beat ’em up” can rest easy. It’s also clear that the game will be much more of a melting pot than the other entries in the series, “proving” River City to be an equal opportunity hot bed for cartoon violence and street justice. 

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