Risk of Rain’s new engine should mean less slowdown

Update brings characters, items, and challenges

Risk of Rain is a great little action platformer that’ll make you feel like garbage before building you up into an unstoppable force of destruction. Try it, sometime! You can even bring friends along.

Developer Hopoo Games has an update out now (full patch notes are here, or below) that’s notable for new players and veterans alike. Risk of Rain now uses a newer, smoother-running engine, for starters. Much needed. There are also two new characters, 10 extra items, and six new challenges. More stuff to unlock, basically. Curious to see what those classes are.

I tried to pick the game up after what feels like an eternity but got my ass kicked. It’s for the best, really — I don’t need to spend the rest of today in Risk of Rain. But it’s nice knowing I have reasons to come back. That damned “Drown 20 Whorls” achievement will forever taunt me.

Risk of Rain Patch v1.2.0 [Risk of Rain]

Jordan Devore
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