Risk of Rain Returns players believe they’ve found a secret 16th character

There had to be at least one.

Risk of Rain Returns has no shortage of awesome characters that players will want to chase after and unlock as soon as possible, with 15 of them available in total. Now Reddit user m0lmy has posted their experience with unlocking the strange Robomando, a secret 16th playable character.

“To my knowledge,” says m0lmy in their Reddit comment, “I am the first person to unlock this character intentionally.” They, of course, posted a whole set of impressively complicated instructions for others to follow in their footsteps. Now that they are known and readily available, it shouldn’t be too hard for players to follow m0lmy’s guide to unlocking the Robomando for themselves, but be warned: they’re about as random as random gets.

Risk of Rain Returns’ Robomando is the secret 16th character

As most Redditors commenting upon m0lmy’s discoveries have already attested, unlocking the Robomando is no small feat. The instructions can be found in the featured comment from m0lmy themselves, but we’ve summarized them here as well:

  • Start a new Risk of Rain Returns run at the ‘Drizzle’ difficulty.
  • Visit the Temple of the Elders map and look for a clay pot on the far left or far right side of the map. Note that not every version of the Temple of the Elders will have the pot, so you might need to try this several times over. Once you’ve found the pot, break it and you’ll receive the Strange Battery item.
  • Visit the UES Contact Light map and reach the secret dancing golems under the level. Head behind them, through the secret tunnel, until you reach a spot with the equipment chest. Use your Strange Battery on it.
  • Finish your Drizzle run.
  • Start a new Risk of Rain Returns run at the ‘Rainstorm’ or ‘Monsoon’ difficulties.
  • Go to the second stage and find the equipment chest you used your Strange Battery on in the previous run. Activate it.
  • Go to the third stage and complete the teleporter event, then use the teleporter at exactly 22 minutes.
  • On stage 4, you’ll find a dead robot that you’ll be able to put the Strange Battery into. Afterward, fight the robot and die to it.

Doing these things will, according to m0lmy, unlock the Robomando for you to use, and it does seem like this is a fairly competent character, all in all.

The Robomando’s kit includes a special dodge move inspired by the Commando’s own combat roll, as well as the ability to activate any mechanical object for free.

How the Robomando fits into the meta remains to be seen, but the fact that Hopoo Games managed to throw in a special 16th character into the game’s remake is sure to delight ROR fans regardless of how capable it is.

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