Risk of Rain 2 will bump its price by five bucks for the 1.0 launch

Risk of Rain 2

You still have plenty of time before it leaves Early Access

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Risk of Rain 2 is worth twenty bucks now, in Early Access, and the roguelike shooter will continue to be worth getting once it reaches 1.0 status and asks for more money. The eventual price? $24.99.

Hopoo Games isn’t quite there yet – the most up-to-date launch window for version 1.0 is August 2020 on PC, with the three console versions to follow later this fall – but today’s heads-up is appreciated.

Risk of Rain 2 “has grown a tremendous amount, and we think the value of the game is increased,” the developers said. The original Risk of Rain was a fan favorite around here, and the sequel has garnered just as much love, if not more. Even if you typically wait for 1.0, it’s not too early to start. Genuinely.

Better yet, the game is 20 percent off (knocking it down to $15.99) on Steam right now.

Hopoo Games Development Thoughts #15 [Steam]

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