Rise of the Arty-nauts: MS Paint your way to a Rise of the Argonauts faceplate!

It’s time for yet another contest from the ever-generous Destructoid and its friends. This time, we’ve clubbed together with Codemasters to give away five Xbox 360 faceplates proudly displaying artwork from the upcoming action RPG title Rise of the Argonauts.

If you want to win one of these faceplates (pictured below,) then all you have to do is perform a very simple task indeed. As you may know, I am a world renowned digital artist, with such famous works as Too Humanings, Crisis Whore (possibly NFSW, but it’s just a piece of Materia) and Sir Winston Q. Androidicus in my portfolio, among many other famous works. All you have to do to win a faceplate is to catch my critical eye with a digital drawing of your own, done in MS Paint. 

Provided above is a brand new screen shot from Rise of the Argonauts. Your task is to reproduce that image in MS Paint and then post it as a comment to this article. Easy, eh? You can aim for a faithful reproduction or take creative liberties, just make sure it impresses yours truly. You already know how impressive my own work is, so you have to be pretty eye-catching to get one of these five prizes. 

The contest is worldwide, and I will give you until Friday, September 19 to get your entries in. That’s it. Have fun and good luck!

James Stephanie Sterling