Rise of the Arty-nauts: Contest winners announced

Okay, so the winners were picked later than expected. Deal with it.

Yes, we have selected five of Destructoid’s most artistic who will win themselves a Rise of the Argonauts Xbox 360 faceplate each. These images were selected either for capturing the spirit of a true Jim Sterling digital artwork … or for being something that could almost vaguely be considered “good.”

Here are the list of winners, in no particular order:

  • GameGoblin
  • GohanGVO
  • Xbudz
  • Vimto
  • Geekjutsu

Well done. To claim your prize, each of must use Destructoid’s PM function and send me a private message with your name and address. I promise I won’t use this information to stalk you and/or steal things from your garbage like some sort of fat raccoon. 

Oh what fun!

James Stephanie Sterling