Rise of Nightmares is a new horror game for Kinect

Looks like Kinect has yet another “LOOK KINECT HAS HARDCORE GAMES ON IT” title to add to the tiny basket. Joining the on-rails Star Wars game and the on-rails Child of Eden is this brand new horror title from Sega, known ominously as Rise of Nightmares. 

Rise of Nightmares offers a spine-tingling horror experience which uses the innovative new controls of Kinect to give players new encounters filled with fearful anticipation and terror,” boasts Sega. “Using their whole body the player will experience fear and tension as never before in this first person horror adventure.”

I wonder if it’ll be on rails.

Rise of Nightmares is gearing up for a 2011 release. We’ll have more for you when Sega deigns to share it.

James Stephanie Sterling