Riot’s Xbox Game Pass benefits for League, Valorant, and more kick off next week

League of Legends

All champions, all agents, and more

Riot Games’ library of competitive games is joining the ranks of Xbox Game Pass perks next week. League of LegendsValorant, and more of Riot’s catalog are getting Xbox Game Pass benefits starting on December 12.

The collaboration was announced earlier this year, during the Xbox Bethesda Showcase in June. Riot Games, the studio behind big competitive titles like League and Valorant, would offer some benefits for Xbox Game Pass owners, and they’re pretty good ones too.

For League of Legends, a Game Pass subscription will net you all champions and access to new champions as they’re released. Valorant is similar, with all agents unlocked for Pass users. Same goes for Wild Rift, the mobile League version, whose benefits will arrive in January.

Legends of Runeterra will have all cards in the Foundations Set unlocked. And for Teamfight Tactics, there are some cosmetics. Additionally, everyone who links their accounts before January 1, 2023 will get some extra cosmetics.

Linking the Legends

Services go live on December 12, next week. To link it up, you’ll want to have the Xbox App installed and up-to-date on PC. There will be instructions to connect a Riot Account with an Xbox Game Pass account from there.

While a library of games to download or stream is already a big boon, this Riot x Game Pass collaboration is pretty big. Having access to every playable character in League of Legends and Valorant means a fair bit of either time or money.

With this, players wouldn’t need to worry about saving up currency or grinding for a new character to play. We’ll see what kind of effect it has. But as someone who’s played a fair bit of Riot’s games, I’m still surprised this deal is even happening.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter