Riot Games goes in-depth with League of Legends’ new HUD update

I’m liking it

League of Legends is getting an overhaul in the UI department, in an effort to make the playspace less obscured for players. One of the chief enhancements is to show abilities immediately as they come off cooldown, so you don’t need to constantly look down at your bar to know what is available to use. The map is also becoming a bit more clear, to show more information at a glance without having to stare at it to get a big picture of what’s going on globally.

My favorite feature however is a moveable scoreboard, which will allow you to shift placement of players to your liking, whether it’s for perceived skill or lanes matched up at the start, or what have you. This update will roll out for the next major public beta environment patch for testing.

HUD Update [League of Legends]

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