Riot Games confirms that Auto Chess mode Teamfight Tactics will be permanent

Not just a limited time thing or a fad

Auto Chess is on the rise, and as is typical of Riot Games, the studio immediately swooped in and started to take advantage of it with their take on the subgenre, Teamfight Tactics. It’s no surprise that given the high amount of polish it’s one of my favorite Auto Chess games on the market right now, especially when you consider that most of the others are still in (rough) beta form.

Teamfight Tactics also benefits from a huge playerbase as it’s embedded in the League of Legends launcher itself, which led to some confusion as to whether or not this was going to be a side mode or something that was here to stay. Today Riot Games is confirming that it’s the latter, and the game within a game is now a “permanent addition” to League of Legends. Regular patches, seasons, and characters (champions) are still on the way as Riot doubles down on their support for Tactics. The next update is set to roll out today on test servers, bringing Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx into the fold.

Riot Games has offloaded entire modes before, as evidenced by Dominion (that aped competing arena brawlers), which was added in 2011 and removed in 2016. If Auto Chess’ popularity wanes it could very well be jettisoned, but for now, it’s here to stay.

Chris Carter
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