Rimururu will be Samurai Shodown’s first DLC character

The second ice-loving fighter revealed today

As if it wasn’t enough that Koei Tecmo revealed Kula Diamond for Dead or Alive 6 today, SNK has also revealed that their other ice princess will be making her cool presence felt post-launch, as Rimururu returns as Samurai Shodown’s first DLC character.

Making her first appearance in 1995’s Samurai Shodown III, Rimururu – the adoptive sister of Nakoruru – is a young ice priestess of the Ainu region. Like her sister, Rimururu has a strong bond with nature, and is somehow even more ridiculously cheerful than her older sibling. Rimiruru uses her ice powers to create shields, projectiles, and can even create platforms to help her double jump or fakeout landings. Despite her cutesy appearance, Rimururu is quite the technical marvel in battle.

Although Rimururu will be joining Samurai Shodown as paid DLC, it should be noted that anyone picking up the exciting looking fighting title within the first week of release will receive the season pass and first four DLC characters free of charge. Not too bad at all.

Samurai Shodown launches on June 25 for PS4 and Xbox One. PC and Nintendo Switch ports will follow this Winter.

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