Ridiculously decadent Final Fantasy XIII clothing from Roen

I don’t know quite what to make of this. Is it cosplay? Not quite. But it’s not quite “proper” clothing either, as far as I’m concerned. The above image comes from Square Enix’s absurdly named DKΣ3713 event, and is a piece of formal wear designed by clothing line Roen, based on finery from Final Fantasy XIII.

Square Enix and Roen have collaborated to produce a line of formal wear emulating costumes worn by characters in XIII. In something of a two-way pact, Roen has also worked on some of the character design for Versus XIII. Clever way of hawking your own products to obsessives. 

Speaking of obsessive, that’s certainly something you’d have to be if you want any of this stuff. We’re talking hundreds of dollars here, for Roen stuff. I know, it’s disgusting, but not as disgusting as this very simple and undeniable fact — someone, somewhere, will buy these bloody things.

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