Ridiculous art for the Aliens game that never was (update)

Following news that Sega and Obsidian’s Aliens RPG has officially been sent to the boneyard, some ludicrous concept art has surfaced that is … well … I’ve no idea what it’s supposed to be. Basically, you have one Alien that looks like it’s hybridized with a Dimetrodon and one that looks like it burst out of a giant meatball.

These two things apparently have names, too. The big fat thing is an “Abomination” while the lizard-like one is a “Stalker.” I’m surprised they didn’t just start copying the Hasbro toy line, since they had some utter gems in there. Killer Crab Alien would kick ass in a videogame. 

It at least gives us a clue as to what Obsidian was planning to make the Aliens RPG interesting, if not highly comical. Despite the insane designs here, I’m still disappointed that the game won’t at least be given a chance. Still, with Colonial Marines and Aliens vs Predator on the horizon, we’ll be getting quite the fill of Xenomorph-flavored revelry.

[Update: We just got an email linking us to loads more concept images from the game. A poster at the Obsidian board dug and threw up tons of pictures ages ago but nobody noticed. We’ve added a full gallery of shots, complete with environments and more Xenomorphs. They’re not officially released Obisidan images, and they’ve been taken from various designers supposedly working on the game. Still, there’s an Alien Queen in there, so enjoy!]

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