Ridge Racer Vita looks great in these new screens

There’s still not a final name for the Vita version of Ridge Racer, but a new website has been opened, and on it you’ll find new screenshots of the upcoming Namco Bandai Vita launch game.

These 12 new screens look goooood. They look way better than the ones I gave you with my Tokyo Game Show preview. This is the most they’ve shown from the game so far. You’ll see some of the tracks in here: there’s a city setting, a mountian (ridge!) one, and even bits of a night time course. Everyone knows you have to have a night course in a Ridge Racer game, right?

After the jump you’ll also find the silly trailer for the game they showed at TGS. “You will get a new ‘Machine’,” the trailer says. People were saying that out loud at TGS, almost at random.

Dale North