Riders Republic is adding BMX to its sports lineup

Riders Republic BMX

A new set of wheels hits the Republic

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Season 4 will start soon in Ubisoft’s action sports game Riders Republic, and it’s got a new way to ride too. BMX is coming to Riders Republic with the new season, going live on September 14.

The new season will add a new sport and career to Riders Republic. Also coming in the update are some new disciplines in street, dirt, and park.

An entire new zone will be coming to Riders Republic as well, spotlighting Area 51. Maybe don’t try to grind too close to where they keep the aliens.

Riders Republic is also hosting a free weekend right now, which you can hop into via the site here. The extreme sports game will also be free on Ubisoft Connect via Ubisoft Plus from September 10 through October 10. Basically, there are several ways you can dip a toe into the Riders Republic over the coming days.

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