Ride 3 leaves rubber on the pavement on November 8

Thrice as nice

The Ride series officially has more numbered games than wheels on its bikes. Well, unless there are some trikes to take around the track.

Today, Ride 3 was revealed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It will launch with more than 230 bikes, 30 tracks, and a whole bunch of customization options. Ride is a franchise that strives for realism racing — just like all those car games, except these are motorcycles. As such, developer Milestone promises better AI, a new physics simulation, and an improved collision system.

One of Ride 3‘s main priorities is almost certainly performing better than the previous game. Ride 2 was decent enough, and it got mostly middling review scores. We gave it a 6. We’ll find out soon if this one can outpace its predecessor. Ride 3 launches on November 8.

Brett Makedonski
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