Rick and Morty creator’s latest game is coming to Oculus Quest this week

Trover strikes again

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With the latest season of Rick and Morty ending, another one of Justin Roiland’s creations is rising in its place. Well, another port of a 2019 creation, but the point still stands.

Last year Trover Saves the Universe arrived on the PC (VR), PS4 (PSVR), Switch and Xbox One, but one major VR platform was left out of the equation: the Oculus Quest. Squanch Games is remedying that this week, as they’ve just announced that Trover will hit the platform on June 18 (the file clocks in at 3.40GB).

It might be old news, but the Quest is a perfect way to play Trover if you’ve been putting it off. Although the game is meant for sitting VR play, the ability to move around at will without a tether will do wonders for some of the trickier camera angles. While Trover is perfectly playable without VR, I highly recommend using a headset.

Trover Saves the Universe [Oculus]

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